The MHS is currently one of the few growing reptile/amphibian clubs across the country and we are developing into quite an important society to be a part of. Our main purpose started out as allowing the local herp keepers to meet up, share ideas and create a knowledgeable support network for people who have taken on the hobby of keeping reptiles. We have recently expanded our efforts towards supporting wildlife conservation within the province whether it be through our fundraising efforts, or our volunteers lending a hand to increase awareness and education of our local species. We try to meet about once a month and have some sort of theme or lesson behind each meeting. The meetings are usually held at a memberís house on a voluntary basis. We are a non profit society run by a volunteer base and there is a small annual membership fee that allows us to pay for our costs of operation as well as give back to our members with the monthly door prizes we offer at our meetings, the quarterly newsletters we mail out, and more. Our meetings are open to guests as well as members and if you are interested in attending meetings, the first step to take is to visit our forum and poke around a bit. You will find more information about our meetings by clicking here.


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