Native Species


Anaxyrus hemiophrys
Lithobates sylvaticus
Hyla versicolor
Lithobates pipiens
Lithobates septentrionalis
Canadian Toad
Wood Frog
Gray Treefrog
N.Leopard Frog
Mink Frog
Pseudacris crucifer
Ambystoma laterale
Pseudacris maculata
Anaxyrus americanus
Spring Peeper
Blue Spotted Salamander
Boreal Chorus Frog
E.American Toad

  • Mudpuppy - Necturus maculosus maculosus
  • Gray Tiger Salamander - Ambystoma tigrinum diaboli
  • Plains Spadefoot - Scaphiopus bombifrons
  • Green Frog - Rana clamitans melanota


Thampnophis sirtalis
Chrysemys picta belli
Plestiodon septentrionalis
Storeria occipitomaculata
Red Sided Garter
W.Painted Turtle
N.Prairie Skink
N.Red-bellied Snake
Chelydra serpentina
Opheodrys vernalis
Heterdon nasicus
Snapping Turtle
Smooth Greensnake
W.Hog-Nosed Snake

  • Western Plains Garter Snake - Thampnophis radix haydeni


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Government of Manitoba: Watchable Wildlife

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